Tuesday, August 12, 2014

bear lake

who doesn't love a spontaneous best friends girls weekend get away for a lake? I know i love it! 
for the past four years of my life i have grown to have 4 best friends, unfortunately one wasn't able to make it this weekend but 3 did. me, mckell, madeline, annie and arikka have honestly “stuck together through it all.” 

have have endured countless hours of bruiting cheer games, practices, and performances. we have been happy and sad for each other with boys that come into each of our lives. and not to mention we just get eachother. ya know when a group of people get together and it just works? well… that how it is with my best friends.

this weekend getaway was a last sha-bang before we al go our separate ways to college this fall. annie is going to westminster, me and mckell are going to uvu, madeline is going to BYU and arikka is going to BYU- hawaii. 

our weekend consisted of leaving in the early morning to arrive at the lake at a decent time, country music in annies big red truck and the beautiful country side road. 

it was raspberries days so of course we had delicious raspberry shakes! YUM! and we had a cinnamon roll the size of us and it was discusting. totally rock solid and nasty. ewwwww. haha but it was from a sketchy truck stop so what can you expect? 

we went to the rope swing at bloomington lake and it was SO fun! we made annie get over her fear and just do it. a little girl persuaded her bribing her with this little story- 
(little girl) “ well ya know i am scared to go off that rope swing as well. but i will give you my last piece of halloween candy i have if you jump.” 

hahahah. how could you not go after that bribe? it was her LAST piece of halloweeen candy…ya know! from like 10,000 days ago. sounds irrestisable to me. 

we stayed in the cutest cottage because the woman who booked our room at our cabin was a old as a dinosaur and booked us for the wrong night and luckily we had friends staying down there who let us stay in their brothers house. we were blessed. 

we were able to attend the ward down there on sunday and they only have about to wards in bear lake and it was soooo busy because of raspberries days that the church was so packed there were people in the rooms taking the sacrament because it was too full in the chapel. 

what a wonderful week with my best friends. 

i am going to be so sad in the fall (about 20 days) when we all start school and wont be seeing each other very often. so to my girls: 

thank you for simply always being there for me and supporting me in everything i do. ill be looking forward to this next exciting chapter of our lives together and i cant wait to see what the future holds for each of us <3 
raspberries days was going on .... YUMMYYYYYY

he had to shower like this... talk about complicated but it created a lot of laughs 

cute little shed on our way to the rodeo 

cole wanted a challenge

can't believe we won't all be together 

rope swing (bloomington lake)

summer makes me reallllll happy :)