Sunday, February 9, 2014

Senior Year Prom.....say whaaaaat?

This time has very last Prom. It was a wonderful night at the capital with a very wonderful gentleman. As I was looking around at everyone they truly all looked so beautiful and handsome. Prom is kind of a funny thing. But I do love it. You spend the day with your date then go out to some fancy restaurant (we went to The Grand America...soooo YUMMY!) then the dance and then hang out after.

As I was standing there I was somewhat pondering about my high school expereince and how it is such a bittersweet experience to be almost done with high school. I will miss my friends, dances, and just all in all "hanging out". I mean after high school it seems to me that you just dont really just "hang out" anymore. I am excited to graduate though because whenever a door closes in your life there is always another one open.

thank you brandon for a wonderful last prom.