Thursday, October 31, 2013


~interesting night
~kylees party=fun
~hard time hanging out
~its was a alright night...i thought it was going to be better
~i look forward to tomorrow so that it will be a better day
Advice for the day: always turn to the Lord.... even when you find that you feel like no one can understand you... He can. 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

We did the Mash, We did the Monstermash

This last week was a interesting yet very fun week! it was full of joy, laughs, and lots of good people.
Here are some things that I feel like made my week a happy week:

1) I finished my very first half marathon! I ran it in 2 hours 17 min. not the fastest but i am so proud of myself.

2) I went to monstermash with one of my very best friends

3)Me and my friends spent a lot of time together and it was just so fun being with them.

If I could give anyone advice of what I've learned in the past couple of days it would be: Spend time with people you love because those are the people who make you happy, but also reach out to those you don't never know who just needs a simple hello that day. Everyday when you get up pray and have charity in your heart. Charity is the pure love of Christ. If I could sum these two pieces up I would say they both simply mean that you must choose for yourself to be happy.

                                                                         Jake (my date)
                                                                      Jeff and Mads
                                                                        Me and Alex

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Very Excited for the next 2 years

1)this is a exciting time in my life right now that is just so full of joy. last month I applied to be a volunteer at Make-A-Wish Foundation...yesterday I had my interview and they told me that I could be a volunteer there. I cannot even begin to express the excitement I have to be able to serve the families there and hopefully I will be able to make a difference in their lives. In my life if there is one thing I can do here, is I want to be a positive person in peoples lives; someone they can turn to and know that I will be there for them. I want to serve others.

2)i am applying for colleges! GO BYU!! (crossing my fingers I will get in)

3)around the same time that i applied to be a volunteer at Make-A-Wish, I also applied to be part of a humanitarian organization that travels to places around the world to do humanitarian work. the two places I put down to go where Kenya, and Thailand. I have been waiting to hear back from Youthlinc and yesterday I came across a very exciting email!! I have been accepted to go and volunteer in Thailand in June! I cannot express my gratitude for the opportunity! I am so excited and I cannot wait!! YAY!

4)I have a desire to serve a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I need to start now on working towards that goal ! I am so excited and I know without a doubt that that is where I need to be! I love this gospel. It is true. I cannot wait.


Koreans & Joy

so this week we had the privilege to host 50 students from Korea at cottonwood. we got to pick a buddy and be their host for 2 school days. they came to classes with us and we took them to breakfast and out to lunch. it was such an awesome experience to see a different culture and how these people acted. they are truly amazing people and i think the world is pretty amazing how we have so many different cultures and people yet we are all the same. everyone one of us are the same. we were made by God and we need to all have the same goal: to return to our Heaven Father. it was just overall a really cool experience to spend time with someone and getting to know them. my Korean student was so cute. i cannot spell her first name but her last name was Kim and she really was the sweetest thing ever. Here are some pics of us and our friends: 

Saturday, October 12, 2013


ive decided that of lately life is good. last week was General Conference and it was amazing as always (i will post my favorite talk later). my friend ariel came over and visited me and i realized how much joy people can bring you just by talking to you. i have realized that i am so blessed, in so many ways. fall is my favorite season of the year for so many different reasons....
1) i love the colors
2) i love to wear sweaters/cozy clothes (my fav)
3) i watch movies all the time, i am such a movie type of gal
4) pictures...i love taking pictures in the leaves and everything
5) i know Christmas is on its way

last night i had the opportunity to see the movie the Savatov Approach. this movie alone... has uplifted my spirits so much. i HIGHLY recommend this movie to everyone and anyone. the movie in a nut shell is about two LDS missionaries that are serving in Saratov, Russia, and they get kidnapped and held hostage. througout their experience they show such a great example of Christ like attributes. it is truly an inspiring, uplifting movie... it is a tear jerker for sure.

here is a little quote for those of you who find it hard to keep on moving on in life... i know this keeps me moving forward.
      "God bless you to realize where you came from and the great privileges that are yours. If the veil were rolled back and you could see just one glimpse of God's great eternal plan concerning you and who you are, it would not be hard for you to love Him, keep his commandments, and live to be worthy of every blessing that He has had for you since before the foundations of the world were laid."- Elder LeGrand Richards

here are some of the latest photos i have taken:
                                                                    ME & MY FRIEND
                                                           LANDON ON THE DRUMS
                                                                 JED DOING WORK
                                                 BREAST CANCER AWARENESS GAME

                                                                       TOMBE & I
                                                                   MCKELL & RADU
                                                             MADELINE & JEFF
                                                          ME, ANNIE, MADI, LYDIA
                                                    LIZ, ANNIE, MCKELL, RADU