Tuesday, August 12, 2014



i would have never expected this to happen. remember my earlier post when i talked about plans changing for the best? anthony is one of those plans that changed. i never had a boyfriend in high school, it wasn't that important to me and i just was the type of girl who went on dates but wasn't that involved with any one person. i didn't want to get distracted from MY plans to serve a mission and such but y plan again wasn't the same as the Lords plan. 

the story of anthony & I is sorta a crazy one. we met about 4 years ago. my step dad and his dad went to college together for a bit and got to know each other that way. when anthony was leaving for his mission i had no idea who he was. i had never met him before. my step dad wanted me to attend his farewell with him so he didn't have to sit alone. i agreed that i could go. i don't recall anything from his farewell in particular except for that after he gave his talk we attended a brunch at his home and i ate my food and walked down the stairs to wish him good luck on his mission. 
it was at that moment i got a little nervous to tell him that. he was cute, and older than i was, i didn't know him but i knew he was cute. 

that was all… we never wrote, we never talked until about 5 months ago. 

when i was trying to figure out my scholarship situation anthony came into my life again. he had attended BYU- hawaii for one year prior to serving his mission and since i was planning on attending that school my step dad jon thought it'd be a good idea to talk to him and get info abut that school. he got my number and started t answer some questions that i had. i told him about my scholarship from uvu and how i decided to attended there in the gal instead of BYU- hawaii. 
it was then that my life started to change courses. he asked me if i wanted to go out with him sometime. 
I mean… he made it kind of sound like it was more of a hang out… we planned our first date/hangout. i didn't know what it was. i hadn't seen this kid since his farewell… i didn't know if he was weird or not.. hah so of course i did the thing we would all do… i stalked him on social media and i was like dangggggg. hello hello cutie. he was beyond handsome. i couldn't wait to meet him. it was that time to go on our date/hangout. since i wasn't sure what it was i brought money to pay for my own stuff. we went to sushi and he payed the bill. at that moment i relized it was a date and i already felt silly because from the moment he walked into my door i already liked this kid. 
that first date was the start of it all. i can honestly say that it just worked between us. he instantly became my best friend and we have been inserpeable ever since. 

we have grown to help each other and care for each other so much this summer that its not that i want him, i need him. he is my other half. he just gets me. 

i went to lake powell with him and his family when i got home from thailand (litterally when i got home) i flew home from japan and got in at about 2 pm on july 2nd and two hours later i went to lake powell. but i loved every second of it. 

i think one of the reasons i like Anth so much is because of his family. they are the most amazing people i have ever met. they have made me feel so welcome in their home and i know that they like me. it makes things so much easier when you know their family likes you. they are always doing such fun things and i love to spend time with them. anthiny couldn't have come from a better family. i adore them. 

so pretty much…anthony came into my life for a reason. i know that without a doubt. he is a blessing and i am so thankful for him. 

one of the reasons why i just adore him is because he does things for me that are so meaningful… big and small. i have found qualities in him that i have never seen in any other guy before. 
~ he remembers what i say and why i say it (thats huge to me)
~ when i got out of the water in lake powell he always had a nice dry towel ready for me
~ one time he got off work and showed up to me house with a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of flowers 
~ he does surprise dates for me (letting go of lanterns and more) 
~ he always makes sure he tells me how much he cares for  me 
~ i have never seen him negative or upset about anything. 
~ he is amazing at soccer (plays for the University of Utah)…. GO UTES! 
~ and the most important one to me, he loves our Savior more than anything and i know he strives to live the gospel each day and he succeds at doing so.

what more could i ask for?

Au La ‘Oe 
                                                                  lake powell

flowers he surprised me with  
he melts my heart 

doesn't even try to be that adorable

other half

look at those "guns" (pun intended)

made me a candlelit dinner

sushi is our favorite food 

every time I'm around him this is how happy he makes me 


facetime in an airport