Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I love President Dieter F. Uchtdorfs talk titled "Stop It"

This is an amazing video and I highly suggest spending the time to watch it. I know it changed the way I look at being sarcastic with people or not being observant to who needs a friend that day. (click on the link below to watch)

Stop it video



My BIG 18th Birthday.
How do I feel? Not different. 
How do I look? No difference.
Was it the best day EVER? YESSSSSSSSSSSSS. 
WHY? oh. i'll tell you why...

I wake up thinking it was just going to be like any other birthday I've ever had. no no no. I was surprised as I walked out of my room in the morning with a house filled with balloons, pictures, and nice notes from all my friends and family members. My mom had created a book filled with people who I love and who bring me joy. I simply love my mom and all those who made that book come to life. I will forever cherish it. Then I went to school. Nothing particular happened at school that day. Later we went to dinner with my family. Yummy Asian star :) At dinner I opened my presents. A little back story first. i am going to Thailand on a humanitarian trip thus summer and so my parents for my birthday thought it would be fun to surprise me with something for that trip. They are actually flying down to meet me after my trip is done and then we will be spending more time in  Thailand and then flying over to Tokyo and staying there for a while. Talk about coolest birthday ever? I feel very blessed to have this amazing opportunity to travel this year. 


A day that will stand out from the rest

I know it has been a while since i last blogged...who am i kidding? its been forever and i have been feeling like i just need to write my life story now because SO many great blessings have come since i last wrote anything. I will start off telling you all a little smidgen about one of the most exciting days of  my life thus far...

Twas the day I found out from BYU Hawaii.. It was a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggg wait to hear back from this college about my admission decision, and trust me it literally felt like it had been many moons since i applied there. At the beginning of February I knew my admission decision would be made soon. I was seriously stalking my besmart account to see what if i was denied or not. I had already told myself that it was all going to be okay if I did not get accepted.. obviously it wasn't where i needed to be if i didn't get in..yayadadadodo life goes on right? But on the deep inside of my soul I knew i was going to be torn if I didn't get in. So this one magical day i was on my besmart account for BYU and I saw I had my admission decision. My hear SANK. I did not want to open that letter. BUT i clicked on it and took a deep breath and my eyes couldn't believe what they saw I WAS ACCEPTED. It was the best news i have ever received. I cannot even explain my joy. I know it is the right place for me to be at in my life right now. 

So a little advice, I know that even if I wasn't accepted I would be able to move on. Life has its ups and downs. But one thing i do know for a fact is that with every down there is something better that is going to come from it... that's where the lovely trial of patience and being of good cheer comes into play.