Sunday, January 12, 2014


WOOT WOOT. Prom just around the corner and I ahve the opportunity to go with one of my best friends... Brandon Lance

I was blinded by the white

Welp, to say the least it was a great night. I had the opportunity to go with my best friend Hagen... oh you know... he is only about 20 feet tall. I seriously love Hagen. Me and him go to Special Needs Mutual every single Thursday night together. We had a blast together at the dance. Thank you for always treating me with respect and you truly are a gent. I am a strong believer that MEN have to be GENTLEMEN to LADIES. I dont think that a girl should ever settle for anything less than a man who opens up her doors everytime she gets in the car. I think some guys need to step up their game. I dont care if you dont like the girl or if she is just your mom or sister... but just open the door for her. Boys need to always remember you take care of girls in life because we take care of boys. (sorry about my off topic spasm there)  All in all winters was a great dance and I had a TON of fun!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Inspiration to me everyday

Elder Durrant.... simply a wonderful man. He is my best friend and I miss him everyday. You're amazing. Called to serve: Chile, Concepcion.

Elder Wright... How much more happiness can flow from this picture. Another best friend...miss you everyday.
Called to serve: Chihuahua, Mexico.

A beautiful truth

as I was reading through blogs I came across my friends abi scoma and she said something that has stuck with me ever since I read it and I thought it should be shared with others because it is so amazing. Background info: she went to Africa on a humanitarian trip like I will be doing with Thailand and she said she learned this:

~"Okay so back story: Before going to Africa (now too at times) I was always SUPER hard on myself. Never pretty enough, lacking in the right womanly curves, funny but too crazy and obnoxious, and not very talented in the ways I should have been. So...your basic human being.

Then I went to this magical place where I saw beauty in EVERYTHING and over the years I've adapted that into how I see EVERYONE. Going to Africa as well as my other travels, I've developed a love for my fellow brothers and sisters, ya know...children of God. When I look at people I don't see them for what they aren't...I see them for what they are, without knowing it I starting thinking all these positive thoughts about the people around me. Even strangers, if they seemed sad I just wanted to hug them and if they seemed happy I just wanted to hug them! I started complimenting everyone and sincerely understanding the beauty of just having a face and a body and a personality."

-abi scoma 

This was such a simple yet profound reminder... thank you abi 


A special experiment

sooo I was wondering.. does serving others really make you happier? You always here others being like oh my! When I serve others I am truly happy. Well I got to put it to the test and see for myself. This winter charity Cottonwood High School was raising money for the Homeless Youth Resource Center. Pretty cool I know. These kids that come into this shelter are just like you and me... and you know what? Why should they have to suffer staying out in the streets wondering if they will ever see tomorrows sun rise? I think that is not the way life was intended to be. So I got involved in helping raise money for this shelter. Through the process of 3 weeks of collecting money we were able to raise just barely over $20,000.00 SHABOOM
That is a huge amount of dough. I have never been happier to go to a shelter and work with these people and present them with their check. I wish everyone could have an experience like this... we walked in..the shelter had a place for these kids to check in their weapons and grab necessity things in order to survive. If you ask me... I want to be more involved in helping places like these out. After all shouldn't humanity be all about helping others out? Unfortunately it is not, but I will try MY best to help out with what I can do for others. So all in all my experiment brought truth... when you are in the service of others you are truly happy. If you don't't believe me, go and try it out for wont regret it...

She flapped her wings to soar

Where to begin? a little about me. I love to be involved with things, any type of thing... i just need to be involved. I want to make a difference. I can not go through this life just settling for the way things happen. Although I completely agree that things always happen for a reason I am also one to believe that we must act upon those things. I am Lds and I love this gospel more than anything. If you ever want to know the key to happiness it is through Christ & our Heavenly Father. aka the ULTIMATE sacrifice. I will be traveling to Italy at the end of March as I will also encounter another task of running a 15 mile race. I am so scared... 
I will also be graduating from the high school I have grown to love and it is a part of me. 

The thing I am most excited about is my adventure to Thailand in June. I will be going on a trip with Youthlinc to Thailand in June to serve the Moken people. I have had to fund-raise every dollar towards this trip... 3,600 is not easy to come across., but it has taught me the value of money. I have had to work hard in order to go on this life changing experience. With a little less than 80 local service hours ahead of me times are busy but blessing. 

I am just thankful for all I have... I am truly blessed with amazing family members who support me with everything that I do and have never told me something was to hard for me to do. They have given me the confidence to dream big and flap my wings and soar. 


Women are Powerful Daughters of God

Me and my lovely mother have been blessed with the opportunity to teach some lessons about womanhood and understanding how crucial it is to know that we are loved daughters of our Heavenly Father. My mom always did the main chunk out of the lesson but then I contribute chunks here and there. So basically our lesson goes like this:
1) You have got to believe that you are loved be Heavenly Father
2) We as women are STRONG, BEAUTIFUL, COURAGEOUS daughters... but how can we be if we don't believe that we are?
3) You need to be able to love and forgive yourself. Seek out your Heavenly Father and ask him to help you see yourself through his eyes.
4) We are capable of changing our lives and the Atonement is real. We must always need to remember that we DO NOT need to criticize ourselves for every little thing we do wrong but instead rejoice in the things that we do right.
Please always remember that your Heavenly Father loves you and that you have the divine potential to become Queens... live like you want to be treated like a royal daughter of a King.. because sweet sisters that is what we are.

“For, behold, I have refined thee, I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction.”