Sunday, September 22, 2013


dancin in the moonlight

this week was homecoming week and it was the funnest weekend i have had in a while... but i am also happy it is done with!
1) i was literally living at cwood decorating, taking pictures, getting things ready for the game and dance.
2) i took the act the same day as the homecoming dance... yay! i am so happy i dont have to take that test EVER AGAIN! (happy dance)
3) have homework up the wazzu...
this week was such a great one and i am so blessed with all the opportunity's that i have had! plus i had such a sweet date to the dance... he was such a handsome gentleman!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Today was a happy day

today has been such a great day overall. this morning i got up at the crack of dawn (seriously really early) and went running with my mom before school started. we almost did 6 miles... i am tired now! yikes... my mom and dad are huge runners and they thought it would be really fun for me and all my family members to run a half marathon in october... i agreed and said yeah! what the heck, why not?

next good thing- it was western wednesday... of course i dressed up, isnt life always funner (yes, i think this is a word) when you are dressed up?

seminary was amazing today. i love this gospel with all my heart... i wouldnt be who i am without it.

i updated my phone to ios7.. it is interesting, but i like it.

and powderpuff practice, we have a game tomorrow and can i just admit i am just a "little" scared for it... jk! im really scared. i dont function well when others are trying to tackle me to the ground and im trying to run away from them.

today i am grateful for my mom and this gospel in my life.


Monday, September 16, 2013

people make you happy, so choose good ones

i was just thinking of some of the people who i am grateful for in my life and who have helped mold me into the person i am today.. i am truly blessed.
ETHAN ~the trooper

JAKE ~the smiley boy 



CRAZY KIDS~ laughter in life 
MOM & DAD ~ nuff said 

how do i work this thing?

i am new to blogging, but i couldnt be more excited to use it. dont judge me, i have no idea how to work this thing...but i will learn. i want to be able to express my love and joy for life and share it with others. i am just a girl who wants to enjoy life and take in account the little things. i hope you enjoy. 

so this is me. to simply put it... yes i am...well weird. i love to have fun and i am just me. i am not g=trying to impress anyone i am just trying to be me and have fun while doing it.

THE ZOO {13'}